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Yoga stretching exercises have been shown to reduce stress, improve flexibility, decrease pain, strengthen muscles and improve overall wellness.  I offer private classes specifically designed for you and your health.  As part of your integrative healthcare plan, I believe that you will find great worth in the discipline and practice of yoga.  

Introduction to Yoga Lesson
2 hours - $175 This class is designed for a 1st time student or someone with limited experience.  Learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice.   Expect a customized session based on your specific needs and requests.  Modifications will be offered at a pace that suits you and your unique constitution.  
Yoga Session (returning clients)
60 minutes - $110 Begin to integrate what you have learned and practice some of the methods taught in the preceding session.   Here we make space for focusing on something that interests you such as improving balance or stretching sore muscles.  For example, if your hamstrings are tight, I can customize a class to stretch and lengthen your biceps femoris muscle group.  Hands on adjustments will be offered to help ease stiff muscles, and soothe your body.
"I've been doing yoga for years, but it wasn't until I started to go to David's yoga class that I learned how to practice yoga more effectively. David is a remarkable teacher. He is able to guide a class from beginners to experts so that each person gains something from every class. His knowledge and intuition coupled with a caring yet relaxed attitude make me, as a student, feel comfortable enough to step out of my box and try new, often challenging things. Because of this I knew I would gain a tremendous amount from him with some one on one sessions. David was generous enough to work with me and tailored the sessions to my specific needs. After my first private with him I literally felt as if I was beginning a new yoga practice. I learned some important foundational pieces that I had missed in all my years of group classes. I also learned how to bring the mind body connection that yoga teaches into other areas of my life. David's background and caring personality sets him up to be more than just a great yoga instructor; he is able to tap into his student's core and help them to the next level physically, emotionally and spiritually."    
Ani O. ~  Boulder, Colorado                                                                                       


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