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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Acupuncture hurt?  For many people, No. Some patients don't even feel the needles go in.  Occasionally, some discomfort may occur, and it usually goes away within seconds.  If someone is suffering from chronic or acute pain, the acupuncturist may opt to utilize techniques that intentionally cause a temporary sensation of heaviness, soreness, tingling, or "da qi" sensation.  If it makes your pain better, its well worth it!   Feeling various sensations while receiving acupuncture can be a good thing as it draws the bodies attention to an area that needs healing.

Is it Safe?  Yes.​  After completing four years of graduate level education, I am required to pass regulatory exams to be certified in clean needle technique.  We use single use sterile needles. 

How much does it cost?  My prices are listed under the ACUPUNCTURE page.  

How many treatments will I need?  It varies.  More acute issues will often be resolved within 2-5 treatments.  Chronic illnesses take more time to develop, and thus take more time to treat, with the condition often improving notably in 5 to 10 treatments.  

What can I expect on my first treatment?  Expect to be nurtured with personalized attentive care.  Expect to spend more time with your practitioner than a typical Dr's visit.  Expect to be heard.  Expect to be an active participant in your healthcare.

Are Herbs Safe?  Herbalists and Acupuncturists are trained extensively with 3300 plus hours of education at an accredited college.  They are required to pass extensive board exams, earning licensure, that ensures your safety.  Herbs are natural, safe to use,  & have no side effects the majority of time.

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